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GROWLER - Photo ID Ribbon Shredder


Destroyed in Seconds!

Introducing the first shredder designed specifically for used Photo ID ribbons!  Your photo ID ribbons contain a record of every card you have ever printed on your Card Printer.  Eliminate the information by running the ribbon through this secure PVC ribbon shredder. 

The new GROWLER, available exclusively through IDEXPERTS™, is designed to accomodate any dye-sublimation ribbon from all the popular print brands on the market today.  You can fit ribbons from 60mm to 120mm into the loading tray for quick and reliable destruction.  The GROWLER cathes the ribbon debris in the waste bag.  For large organziations, the GROWLER has an option for a floor-standing waste bin with a 70 litre bag.

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Are you vulnerable?

Dye-sublimation ribbons are used in the world’s Photo ID Card Printers to create Photo ID’s, Employee ID Badges, Access Control Badges, and Government Credentials.   After the printing process, the dye-sublimation ribbon’s waste contains the images of what was printed on the card – similar to a photographic negative.  Names, employee ID numbers, account numbers, and much more are left on the ribbon for anyone to see and potentially use to create a counterfeit ID.

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