Event Management

Event Management

Run, organize, and sell tickets for all sorts of events through our E-commerce solution. Whether you are a school, library, or business, our Event Management and Ticketing solution has been designed for events of any size and can help with every aspect of your event. Whether your event is seated or general admission, paid or free, or anything else, our customizable options, add-ons, and questions let users select exactly what they want. Our Event Management and Ticketing program will simplify the event hosting process from start to finish. 

Complete Control of Your Event

 Our Event Management and Ticketing portal lets you create and control your events from start to finish (and beyond). Through our E-commerce portal, you can create events, each with their own venue map, types of tickets, marketing, and booking. Rather than planning events through a third-party application or using an extra service, you can plan and control every aspect of your event.

Seating Plans

Create any space! Easily map out your venue's seating to provide guests with accurate seat selection. Create rows of seating, tables, or general admission tickets. Sell individual tickets for tables, or sell tables as a whole. Tables can be created as squares, rectangles, or circles and can have all seats mapped out in their set positions. Seats can be represented as squares, circles, or your own PNG file. Use custom colours for different zones and previously sold seats. Seating plans can also be used to display and rent out lockers.

Online Booking and Ticketing 

Online Booking and Ticketing

Create and run every aspect of your event online. Create the event, seating chart, event tile, registration, booking, ticketing, surveys, etc., all online through our E-commerce solution. Online booking is simple - create the event in the event tile, with different options for tickets (if necessary). Guests can book through the online portal, then have the tickets emailed to them. The tickets have an individual QR code and can be used digitally or printed. QR scanners are connected to a computer, which will show if the tickets work, if they have expired, or if they have already been scanned. 

Ticketed and non-ticketed events

Host a wide range of events, all of which can be displayed at the same time on the booking portal. Create ticketed events, registration events, or an event listing. For ticketed events, create different price options for different seating sections, or create general admission tickets. Registration events can be created to limit the number of guests, while not charging anything for tickets. Event listings can also be created, in which guests do not have to purchase or register for any tickets. The Event tile is where all events are displayed, and it can be configured to show flags such as "Sold out" or "Selling fast" along with custom colours.


Event Tickets


Made for schools, libraries, and businesses

Any organization can take advantage of our Event Management solution. It was made primarily for schools, libraries, and business. Schools can create scalable events, such as a seated theatre production with seats of different prices, or simple registration for an event to have an idea of guest numbers. Libraries can create ticketed and free events for community groups and workshops for library cardholders, or unregistered events open to the general public. Businesses can collect payment and attendance information easily, and take advantage of our marketing and survey tools to connect with audiences of any size. All three groups can create events for registered guests such as students, library cardholders, and staff members, or for the general public.

Marketing and Surveys

Communication before and after events can be crucial to you and your guests. Therefore, we have developed both an email marketing tool and a survey tool. Marketing can be integrated within your own website, Facebook event, or marketing tool. Each of which can be sent out to specific user groups or all guests in attendance. Both tools are completely customizable using HTML, and the survey tool can be colour-matched to your CSS. Features such as star ratings, text box, drop downs, and tick boxes can all be added to your survey. All of these feed through our insight reporting tool or can be exported to a CSV file for future marketing statistics.


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