Access Control and People Counting

Access Control & People Counting

Improve your campus security with an automated door access solution. We have all of the hardware, software, and expertise to create an access control system around your existing credentials. We will work with you to create a scaleable access control system with different permissions for different groups and areas. Whether you want to control access for every door on campus, or just the front doors of student residences, we can find the right solution for you.

We also have solutions for portable people counting and remote transactions, which gives students the opportunity to make small purchases on the go, whether it's for the bus, a field trip, a fundraiser, or any other small purchase. Staff can use the same solution to count students remotely by simply scanning their credentials, rather than having to write down or check off every name by hand. 

Use existing credentials

 We are a globally-recognized solutions provider with over 25 years in this industry, and work with a wide range of industries. Therefore, we have solutions and products to support all forms of ID card technology, such as barcodes, proximity, biometrics, and more. So we can certainly create a complete and scaleable access control solution around your existing credentials.

Set different permissions

Restrict certain groups or only grant access to specific people. For example, restrict access to chemistry labs for everyone except professors and teaching assistants. Or only grant access to residences to those students who live in them.


Staff and Student Cards


Scanners & readers

We have a variety of card scanners and readers to meet the needs of your existing credentials, or to help you create an entirely new door access solution. These readers can also be placed outside of lecture halls or classrooms, for students to scan their credential upon arrival. This provides a simple way to record attendance, rather than the professor, teacher, teaching assistant, or anyone else having to complete attendance at the beginning of class.


Our On-the-Go software and scanners provide a new opportunity for students to complete remote transactions.

  • Pay for bus rides
  • Pay for event tickets, then use student cards as tickets
  • Pay for fundraisers like bake sales
  • Complete attendance on field trips or in class



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