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Create a school-wide, cash-free system that will improve student life, while also reducing the workload of your administrative staff. With E-Commerce and Online Ordering, students and parents can pay for nearly anything through one online account. These student accounts can be managed by students and/or parents, and parents can monitor all of their children's accounts under the same profile. Student accounts can be loaded online using bank-to-bank transfer, credit card or debit card. Students can also top up their accounts using kiosks that can be installed all around campus.

Beyond Online Ordering, our E-Commerce suite helps you to manage all school storefronts, whether they are online or physical stores, under the same account. Using our online system, you can automatically maintain stock levels, see the details of every transaction, and manage bank accounts for all storefronts. Our system also lets you integrate third-party suppliers, so you can ensure that cashflow is moving as it should be. 

Order online in-advance

A complete solution for any institution, with options for parents to order from several storefronts online from the same account. Using our web-based portal, parents and students can order and pay for anything they might need on campus. Whether they need lunches, uniforms, textbooks, or anything else of value, all of these can be purchased through the Online Ordering portal. Through the same account, students can even pay school fees and pay for fundraisers. Parents even have the option to specify lunches and food allergies, ensuring their child's lunch will be healthy and allergen-free.

Multiple store support

Completely scalable sales portal for managing physical and virtual stores. Using the same portal, you can manage one single location or all of your institution's store fronts (ex. physical bookstore, online bookstore and cafeteria). Always ensure that money ends up where it needs to be by managing multiple bank accounts across all shops.





Supplier integration

Our online store integrates easily with third party suppliers. Not only does this make purchasing easier for you and your customers, but it ensures all cashflow is tracked and processed safely. Easily create and maintain supplier accounts, create purchase orders, maintain stock, and see all transaction history.


A wide range of kiosks can be installed strategically around campus to let students top up their accounts, check their balance, or make payments without having to access the online portal. Our kiosks range from large, free-standing kiosks that accept cash, coins, EFT, all major credit cards, and most ID card technologies, to compact, wall-mounted kiosks that accept EFT, credit cards and most ID card technologies. Regardless of your institution size, we have the hardware to meet your goals. 

Point of Sale


Integrates with iPOS

Easily integrates with our iPOS system, to create a complete commerce solution. iPOS is a scalable point of sale system that can be used in a single location like a bookstore, or across your campus at all storefronts. With iPOS, you can charge purchases, manage stock levels, invoice, and generate sales orders and quotes, all while using a variety of payment options like student cards, cash, credit, or EFT.


Customize the online user interface with your institution's colours, logos and crests. Use custom photos and videos to accurately display every item for sale in your stores, and ensure students are getting exactly what they pay for. Make our easy-to-use interface completely your own.



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