Pandemic Shelter Registration Solutions

IDEXPERTS™ provides an automated identification and registration solution which is perfect for swift, on-site shelter registration. Identify shelter attendees
as they stand in line ready to be served. Issue wristbands with a QR barcode tied to their identification.  Recipients are quickly registered 
by scanning their wristband when they arrive at the registration station.


1. Identify Recipients as they arrive to the Shelter locations be scanning govt ID.

2. Perform registration issuance of the Wristband, printing to a mobile printer.

3. Label the recipient and allow entry to Shelter location.



  •  Every time a Patient, Staff or Visitor is allowed entry, scan the wristband to register the person onsite or offsite. 
  • Track staff and volunteer hours. 
  • Perform Training and Qualification checks automatically when persons arrive onsite.