Contract Tracing and Workplace Distancing

If you found out one of your employees has tested positive for COVID-19, how quickly could you notify all potentially infected employees?  Without a contact tracking solution, your organization and its personnel are exposed to serious harm.
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IDEXPERTS™ offers a turn-key Contact Tracing Rapid Deployment Solution.  Organizations of any size, and any industry, can monitor employee interactions by tracking all movements and encounters.

Our Contact Tracing solution, though designed for healthcare, has now been expanded to provide tracking capabilities for any type of population.

The Contact Tracing Rapid Deployment Solution provides real-time data and intelligence for visibility into the precise location of employees and their interactions at any time.

The entire solution can be deployed within several hours.

Fast set up using real-time location hardware and cloud software that allows the solution to be up and running within hours

Monitor employees & visitors using BLE enabled credentials pre-provisioned to each person

Create “Safe Zones” using geofences and send instant alerts when people move outside of designated areas

Access to real-time analytics that includes location within defined zones, contact type and contact duration within seconds (including start & end times) for each interaction

Standalone connectivity using BLE over cellular network and mobile devices minimizes disruption of service. No additional infrastructure, hardware or network wiring makes field triage areas easy to deploy.

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Contact Tracing

The system consists of:

  • cloud based management software
  • BLE enabled credentials
  • Bluetooth "beacons" to be deployed throughout the designated "zones"

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Sample Dashboard screenshot:

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