Cards As A Service

Do you need ID cards printed, but don't want to worry about buying and maintaining a printer? Or maybe you don't need enough cards to necessitate your own printer?

Regardless of the reason, we have the solution for you.


What is Cards-as-a-Service?

Cards As A Service (CaaS) is a new way to issue ID cards to your employees or students, without the hassle of complex, locally installed software and hardware services. It is a pay-as-you-go and pay-for-what-you-need solution for issuing cards, and it provides a new avenue for card production that might be the optimal solution for your organization.

You Create. We Print.™


How is Cards As A Service different?

At present, issuing ID Cards requires the purchase of Photo ID Software which is installed on a laptop or PC on your desk.  The software allows you to design cards, link to a database, and capture photos before printing the data and design onto a plastic card.

CaaS frees you from installing software on your PC, and allows you access to your card designs and data from the cloud.  Simply log in to the idProducer system, and begin creating ID cards for your organization.  Your data is stored on secure servers here in Canada, backed up, and protected.


How do I get the ID Cards?

We have two options for producing ID Cards.  

You can design and submit your card designs through the online system and we will print the cards for you, hassle free.  Just submit your ID card jobs online, and you receive the cards in the mail a few days later.

Alternatively, you can print to your local card printer on your PC or network.  This gives you the convenience of cloud-based solutions with on-site card production.


How much will I save?

CaaS users are able to lower costs in a number of ways, mostly through the reduction of “soft costs” which are often substantial. Users do not have to maintain or update their software when their PC is upgraded.  There are no dependencies on the PC or the Operating System. Downloaded ID card production software needs a software update whenever a new PC operating system is available, and does not work as well until it receives it (and sometimes costs money). With our online CardMaker software, updates occur automatically, and free of charge, so you don't have to worry about any upkeep like you would with downloaded software.

Users can subscribe and begin the card creation process immediately without waiting for the delivery of software, or scheduling time with their internal IT department to receive permissions to complete an installation.


How much does CaaS cost?

Choose from a variety of packages that best fits your budget, technology, and accessory needs.

Call or email us today, and we can customize your quotation based on your anticipated card printing volumes.


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