Corporate & Employee ID

employee id cardIf you had a data breach today, when would you find out about it?  What steps can you put in place today to prevent a breach tomorrow?

IDEXPERTS® offers a variety of solutions to protect your investments in people, information and infrastructure.

Employee ID Cards

Intentional theft by an employee remains the leading cause of business losses.  ID Cards allow for visual identification of an individual from a short distance away.  You can quickly assess whether or not this person belongs in this particular area.  The Employee ID Card can be electronic with embedded chip and antennae that securly authenticates to your door access systems, or to your network.  These days, ID cards are going mobile: you can enrol your employees via a web-based interface that pushes a credential to the employee's smartphone.

CAAS™ - Cards-as-a-Service

PC & Network Security

Securing your data has never been more important, or as easy to achieve with the correct tools.  IDEXPERTS® offers a number of digital security solutions that authorize and enable employee access to information:

- smart cards with PKI authentication
- OTP (one time password) apps and tokens
- network software and cloud-based authentication systems

Digital Security Solutions

CCTV Video Surveillance

Its one thing to prevent unauthorized entry - its completely another to investigate how it happened.  Video Surveillance systems enable you to view history, and discover the methods of infiltration.  IDEXPERTS® provides fully mobile and cloud-based IP video surveillance systems, properly secured, that give you actionable information in real time.