Campus Security, Student ID Cards

student id card securityThere has never been a more important time to be sure of who is authorized to be in a school with our students.  The near daily spectacle of mass casualty incidents at schools in the United States should motivate all educational administrators to take the necessary steps to ensure student safety.

The use of secure student credentials, whether they be cards, passwords or tokens, can enhance student engagement in all kinds of school initiatives: security, life safety, cashless schools, pay for copy/print, cafeteria and vending payments etc.


Secure cards & credentials can enable students to be accurately identified when they arrive at school, and provide proof of attendance.  Employees at schools need to be identified clearly as staff in order to provide assurance to all school facilities that they are entitled to be there.  All Visitors need to be identified at the front office by administration.  Students can use the same card/credential to pay for services within the school, and Parents can monitor spending activity via an online portal.

Colleges & Universities

Students are driving the adoption of solutions that provide them with safety, security and convenience.  They want a card that opens doors, logs them into Windows (when they forget their password) and pay for everything using that same credential.  The "one card" system enables these experiences seamlessly, and has become a proven method of delivering services quickly to those who want them.


4 Ways to Improve School ID
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