Create a completely customizable, easy to use, web-based portal for students to reserve computers, resources and facilities. Create different permissions for user groups, use school colours, logos, and branding, and complete customized reporting. Under one portal, you can manage multiple sites, apply different options for different facilities, view maps of venues, and charge different rates for different groups, while integrating those invoices into your accounting system.

For students, our system makes reserving facilities and resources easy. Students can see all facilities, study rooms, and resources that are available for rent as well as their associated prices and rules. Students can book online via their phone, tablet or computer, receive email updates about reservations, integrate reservations into Apple, Google, and Microsoft calendars, and pay using a variety of payment options.

Use existing technology

There is a wide range of card technologies available, and it would be expensive to replace all of your student cards just to increase their functionality. Therefore, we can support your current student card, regardless of the technology you are already using. Whether the cards have a barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity technology, or you use biometrics, we have the technology to create a complete reservation system around your existing credentials.

Online Portal

Using our customizable online system, students can book facilities, rooms, and resources online. Bookings are updated in real-time, so students can book in advance to ensure they have the resource they need, when they need it. Then, students can simply scan their card to check in to a room, or check out a resource. Our line of wall-mounted terminals can turn reservations into a completely automated process.


Online Portal



Our reservation portal can be entirely online and self-serve, administrator-controlled, or anything in-between.

  • With a self-serve solution, students can make a reservation through the online portal or a kiosk in-advance. Then show up, scan their card with any form of reader, and use the resource.
  • With an administrator-controlled solution, students can contact the administrator in charge of reservations or go on-site, then the administrator can make all reservations on their behalf. Then when it is the time for the reservation, the students can scan their card or give a PIN number to the administrator to check in to the room or check out a resource.
  • Or create a solution somewhere in between. We will work with you to create your optimal solution.

Reserve anything

Use our reservation system to book computers, rooms, resources, or anything else that you can rent out. For computer reservations, use walk-up bookings, queue reservations (to automatically book the next available computer), future reservations, or block bookings (to book multiple computers at once for a group). For room and resource reservations, create customizable permissions, reports, and branding, manage multiple sites at once, make recurring bookings, and charge different rates for different groups.


Reserve Anything


Create a revenue stream

  • Create guest accounts on the online portal to rent out resources.
  • Charge groups and individuals to rent resources and facilities during after hours and on the weekend.
  • Rent fields and sports equipment for teams and tournaments.
  • Rent study rooms, theatres, and lecture halls for events.
  • Rent any resources at your institution that might be of value.

Easy to use

Students can sign into the online portal using the same online account that they use for Online Ordering and E-commerce purchases with. All reservations occur in real-time, and the online reservation system integrates with Apple, Google and Microsoft calendars. Students can also receive email notifications for reminders and cancellations, so students will never miss out on their reservations and no resources will be reserved and unused.


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