RFID Security Cards and Asset Tracking

You can't manage what you can't measure.

They say that knowledge is power.  With the massive amounts of data available through Radio Frequency IDentification, more informed decisions can be made that will enhance your business operations and revenue streams.  

RFID can automatically identify people or assets, and track their location within your facility.  Missing persons or items can be retrieved quickly by using RTLS (Real Time Location Services), reducing downtime and associated labour costs.


RFID Surveillance

For years, RFID and Video Surveillance have made massive progress as independant technologies.  Now, these two systems have been combined to leverage the knowledge of RFID with the vision of CCTV.  An asset is tagged and cameras & sensors are installed on entries or checkpoints.  Whenever an asset goes through a checkpoint, video of that activity is captured and stored on the server.  The asset's last known position is known, and the video stream can be retrieved.

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Seeing the Invisible

RFID tags are small, and can be placed inconspicuously.  The antennae can pick up the tag ID and will read it several times a second while your employees are still searching for a barcode to scan. Multiple tags can be read simultaneously.

Regardless of Industry

RFID technology can be used by every industry that needs to scan an item: warehouse inventories, assembly line, livestock, pharmaceutical processing, vehicle manufacturing, aviation maintenance, and many more.

Superior usability

RFID tags can be used to track anything they can attach to.  In addition to readers, video cameras can play an important role by capturing footage, and visually displaying the location and activity of a tagged item.