Student Card Systems and School ID Cards

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Your student ID card can do much, much more.

Generation Y, or the “Millennials” as some like to call them, have made themselves at home on the campus scene. They have distinctly different behaviours, values and attitudes from previous generations as a response to the technological and economic implications of the Internet.

Plus, they have great expectations of service and deliverability (ie. it better be good, and I need to have it now). An effective campus card system that works with this type of clientele needs to have flexibility and convenience, and it needs to pay for itself.  A piece of plastic in their wallet with their name and photo on it hardly qualifies as a status symbol, and if it can’t improve the student’s life, they quickly assume they are better off without it.

Campus E-CARD enables student access to any chargeable service on a campus:  food services, laundry, vending, parking, access control, print/copy/scan, kiosks and dispensers etc.