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Use your building access card for PC Login. One converged authentication solution for today and future requirements.

Information is just as important, or more so, than the physical assets your organization uses.  Using strong authentication to control access to your computer and network resources is the smart thing to do.

  • Advanced authentication
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Password management
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Enable secure desktop profile roaming
  • Enable encryption and digital signatures
  • Auto desktop locking
  • Centrally controlled through Group Policies and Domains

Strong Authentication Solutions tailored to the way you work.

Enterprises today are faced with ever-changing regulatory environments, internal and external threats, and business improvement initiatives which are implemented with the goal of achieving more with less. Compliance, protection of intellectual property, and streamlined processes are critical components of every successful business. Strong authentication, encryption, and other security technologies are often viewed as cumbersome, expensive to deploy, and difficult to maintain. Our enterprise solution is specifically designed change the way you think about strong authentication. Our solution leverages technology most businesses already have in place and integrates seamlessly with standard infrastructure. Our risk-appropriate authentication product allows businesses to select which authentication method is right for them. From simple knowledge-based authentication, to leveraging existing proximity cards used for facilities access, to smart card or USB tokens, our solution provides businesses with the flexibility to decide (and switch) which strong-authentication method is best suited for their requirements.

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Make passwords history while increasing security and employee productivity

Smart cards, PKI, and card management systems are often viewed as technology best suited for governments and the largest of enterprises. This is no longer the case. Our Logical Access solutions significantly streamline and simplify all aspects of the technology through tight integration with Microsoft infrastructure and operating systems. What once took weeks to months and a team of consultants to deploy can now be accomplished in a matter of hours to days. Flexible deployment models and enrolment processes enable organizations to choose how best to leverage technology to satisfy their business requirements.