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Client Care

At IDEXPERTS, our efforts don't end with the sale.

They begin there. Our technical support engineers are factory-certified on dozens of products and services and provide quick response times and expertise to keep you running. Each team member is an expert, and we use our knowledge to help you succeed. Nobody does it better. 


Everything mechanical wears out, and sometimes things break. IDEXPERTS is a factory-certified warranty service provider for all the products and services we offer, so support is live and intelligent. We also offer loaner services on a wide variety of systems, so you can enjoy same- or next-day replacement service, no matter where you are.



Our technical personnel are available by email or telephone.  Phone and email support is always free for any system acquired from IDEXPERTS!

All repairs and support come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

For an immediate connection with a Client Care ID expert, call 1-888-983-2299.

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