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Maximize your laundry service revenue with Campus E-CARD Laundry Service. Students can swipe their student card and have access to up to 32 washers and/or dryers, per laundry controller unit. The embedded software in each unit captures the individual usage of each machine, allowing students to see real-time availability of each individual machine through the Laundry Webview portal. The laundry controller units also provide administrative staff with centralized control, audit, and management of all laundry operations. All of which is also tracked on the Laundry Webview portal, and backed up on the powerful Supervisor Net database. From there, administrative staff can run customized reports to provide insight that will help you to maximize your return on investment.  


Increase revenue

  • Modify the costs of loads based on the resources and time used. Charge more for hot washes than cold, or long dries rather than top-offs. 
  • Using laundry kiosks, students can add value to their student card, and guests can pay for laundry with no staff involvement.
  • Using the data captured by the Laundry Controller units and Laundry Webview portal, administration can see which machines are seeing the most use. With this information, you can ensure your machines are in good condition and being maintained regularly, to ensure you never lose out on a transaction.  

Pay with student cards

  • Students can top up their accounts through the online portal, kiosks found across campus, or even wall-mounted kiosks installed directly in laundry facilities.
  • These touch-screen kiosks require no staff involvement, and accept EFTPOS, major credit cards, and most ID card technologies.
  • Their interface is completely customizable, allowing you to use school colours, logos, and custom graphics.
  • If you rent out residences in the summer, or allow visitors, these kiosks can also create casual user tickets for one-off transactions.
Laundry Machines

Laundry Webview

  • Embedded software in the laundry controller units reports back to the Laundry Webview online portal.
  • The Laundry Webview portal allows students to see which machines are in use or available, and how long is left in each load.
  • Through the same portal, administration can see which machines are used most often, and which ones require maintenance.

Laundry Webview


Track and report

  • Embedded software in each laundry controller unit captures real-time data from each machine.
  • This data includes usage and details of every transaction, including wash or dry, cycle type, price paid, and any discounts given.
  • All of this information is backed up to the Supervisor Net database.
  • Through the Supervisor Net database, you can conduct customized reports such as weekly or monthly machine usage, daily income, or any other factor that will help you maximize your return on investment.

Centralized control

  • See the details of every transaction through the Laundry Webview portal.
  • Each laundry controller unit can manage up to 32 washers and/or dryers - all of which report back to the powerful Supervisor Net reporting tool.
  • Supervisor Net not only lets you complete custom reports on transactions, but it also shows machine use, machine availability, and it checks student balances to ensure they have sufficient funds.

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