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Our print management system is a state-of-the-art printing solution that makes staff and student life easier, while creating a new revenue stream for your institution. With our print management solution, you can allocate costs and increase user responsibility, which will in-turn, save you money and reduce waste. Our web-based printing service, the ability to print from any device connected to the network, and Find-Me printing not only make on-campus printing easy, but they also improve the security of every print job. Our print management solution is a completely scaleable system that can be integrated with your existing multi-function devices, so you will not skip a beat when it comes time to install the new system. 

Save money

  • Create different rules for different users and user groups.  
  • Enforce single- or double-sided printing, colour or black and white, with the ability to constantly change the parameters, as needed.
  • Allocate printing costs to specific users, budgets, or groups.
  • Limit supply usage depending on the individual or group, and charge for overages.
  • Staff and students can print using the same system

Reduce waste

  •  Control print settings, amount of ink, paper, and power used by individuals.
  • Charge for overages.
  • Find-Me Printing will ensure that you don't use the wrong printer, leaving you needing to print extra copies.


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Increase security

  • Web Print allows you to print from any device on the school's network, ensuring that nobody has to borrow someone else's computer, or print from a different room, leaving the print job waiting to be taken.
  • When using Web Print, print jobs enter a cloud-based queue, which can only be accessed by that user. When they are ready to release the job, they simply scan their credential or input their PIN into the printer, and the job will be printed. No need to leave valuables behind to pick up a print job, or risk your work being stolen.
  • Set up Find-Me Printing with your current credential technology using our wide range of available scanners.

Track and report

  • Every transaction is backed up to the Supervisor Net database, which allows you to run customized reports, such as weekly or monthly printer usage.
  • Custom reporting capabilities allow you to ensure you are always working at the highest capacity, and maximizing your return on investment.


Track and Report


  • We will work with you to set up the optimal printing solution for your institution.
  • Then, we can work with you to scale up or scale down, to ensure that the system grows with you, without giving you functions you don't need.

Easy to use

  • Print Pop-Up lets users ensure all details of the job are correct before printing (which can also reduce waste!). 
  • Web Print lets users print virtually anything, including a wide range of document types, images, and even websites.
  • Print from any device connected to the network.
  • Integrates with all major-brand MFDs.

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