Healthcare ID and Medical Badges

healthcare id cardThe use of ID and medical badges in Healthcare has exploded in the past several years.  ID Cards and tokens can be used to control access to Hospitals, Administrative areas, Intensive Care Units and Staff Lounges.  

The same credential can secure PCs that staff use to access confidential patient information.

New legislation affects healthcare organizations in two ways:

First, by strongly encouraging the conversion of paper-based health care information systems to electronic systems.

Second, by mandating that the design and implementation of the electronic systems guarantee the privacy and healthcare security of patient information gathered as part of providing care.

To achieve compliance, healthcare security organizations must implement physical, technical, and administrative safeguards that ensure the integrity and security of patient information. Smart health cards and medical badges can improve the security and privacy of patient information, provide the secure carrier for portable medical records, reduce healthcare fraud, support new processes for portable medical records, provide secure access to emergency medical information, enable compliance with government initiatives and mandates, and provide the platform to implement other applications as needed by the healthcare organization.

Within the last decade, a heightened awareness of patient privacy, medical records and controlled access has necessitated a complete re-evaluation of facility management. World leaders in medical technology see the forward-thinking value in implementing innovative technologies and solutions to improve patient care and enhance operational efficiency.

IDEXPERTS provides a complete range of patient and staff identification solutions, including ID cards, wristband solutions, label printers and medical badges.  We recommend calling us to discuss your requirements for:

- Staff and Patient ID Cards
- Smart Card Logon Systems
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- Mobile Credentials