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Industry-specific ID Solutions

Any organization that needs to properly identify its members needs an ID Card of some kind: either a physical plastic card, or a digital ID that can be pushed to a smartphone.

We enable organizations of all sizes to properly implement identification. Our clients come from every possible area of government and business, from small 5-person companies to Fortune500 giants.

Government Identification

Powerful identification solutions suitable for large scale high-security facilities.

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Healthcare Identification

From hospitals to clinics, our ID solutions fit healthcare providers of any size.

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School & Student ID

Our ID solutions range from campus safety to transit passes and points cards for amenities and more.

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Corporate Identification

Outfit your company with identification systems suitable for various settings from offices to data centres.

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Transit Identification

Reliable identification systems for commuters and travellers alike.

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Airport & Travel

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Casino & Gaming

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Ski & Snow Resort

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Retail Loyalty Rewards

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