Transit and U-PASS Solutions

transportation transit passResponsible for the safe and secure transport of people? IDEXPERTS® has a variety of solutions that will give you peace of mind, and the detailed reporting that provides clarity to your operations.

Turio™ - Passenger Authentication and Tracking

Are the right people on the bus?  Do you know how many of them are using your service?  How many people did you leave behind at your last stop? Where is your shuttle right now, and how many people are on board?

Launched in 2015 at a University in north america, the Turio™ solution from IDEXPERTS® provides insight and data for intercampus shuttle operations.  Students swipe their ID Cards as they get on the intercampus shuttle.  The system authenticates the validity of the card, and notifies the driver of an expired card.  The system pushes the data into the cloud in real time to a secure server, where ridership is presented graphically, or can be downloaded to Excel for further manipulation.  Reports can be issued at the push of a button.

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