Identification Solutions & ID Systems

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create id


Any system starts with identity, whether it's a gift card swiped at a corner store to a biometric smartcard at a nuclear power plant.  The key question is: who's there?

Our Printers, Readers, Encoders and Embossers enable you to capture the data you need and store in the best form factor for your operations.

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secure access


When a person makes a request for information, access or for a service, how do you know they are allowed to have it?

Our Credentials, Readers and Software enable you to authenticate the person and authorize their request, creating confidence.

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track asset


Put technology to work with autonomous and automated asset tracking solutions, ranging from POS to RFID-enabled warehouse management. Know exactly how much activities actually cost your organization, and manage resources more effectively.

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service you can trust


We offer our expertise ranging from honest (and free) product advice to advanced white papers that governments trust to make effective decisions.  Our proven and experienced approach saves time and money.

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