Make ID Cards

Build a rock solid ID program from the ground up

There’s a reason we’ve trademarked the term IDEXPERTS® – it’s who we are, and what we do, better than anyone else. Let us help you save time, money and future headaches.


STEP 1: Pick a card

Over the years, we’ve accumulated a vast body of technical know-how that gives us the ability to properly evaluate, implement and support our customers’ programs. We can help you figure out what type of Credential works best for your needs.

STEP 2: Print it

ID systems require manufacturer-certified supplies, ribbons and cleaning kits. Maintaining your card printer properly protects your investment. The right ID software enables you to design, link to a database, and print awesome cards efficiently.

STEP 3: Start using it

The card can be used for visual identification, opening doors, logging into PCs, paying for lunches at school or work, accessing transit, or tracking the print jobs on your office copier. There is no limit to the number of applications that can leverage card technology.

Creating a memorable and recognized student ID

The current student population has distinctly different behaviours, values and attitudes from previous generations.  This is a response to the technological and economic implications of the Internet. With greater expectations of service and deliverability, an effective campus card solution needs to have flexibility and convenience, and it needs to pay for itself.

A student ID should be something that can be displayed with pride, connecting the student with the school's brand, values and traditions.  It also needs to be something that is truly useful:  does it make life easier?  can the student access more services with it?


Campus E-CARD enables student access to any chargeable service on campus

  • food services
  • laundry
  • vending
  • parking
  • access control
  • library
  • print/scan/fax/copy
  • computer & room reservation
  • bookstore
  • online account management
  • kiosks and dispensers
  • facility usage

Camosun College enhances student experience

By implementing a new U-Pass renewal program as an effective initiative to provide affordable transportation to post-secondary students, Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) Programs are often time-consuming and costly systems to manage.

New technologies are now empowering Educational Institutions to create more efficient processes, so their resources can be concentrated to better fulfill the educational missions.

See What We Did

Now Available: Metal Embossing

It's a permanent solution in every sense of the phrase. The weatherproof material maximizes durability. They are impervious to the elements, and even maintain data after painting, abrasion, and extreme exposure.

Various marking technology and methods


  • Raised characters, like credit cards
  • Most common technology for industrial applications
  • Character sizes range from 3 mm to 10 mm high
  • Works with aluminum, steel and brass plates and tags


  • Impressed characters
  • Commonly used on military dog tags
  • Used on animal ID tags
  • Character sizes limited to small sizes

Dot Matrix

  • Dot-peening marking resembles laser engraving
  • Uses where raised characters are not required
  • Reproduce logos and artwork

2D Datamatrix Barcodes

  • Embossed alphanumeric data in high-density readable barcode
  • Easily read with handheld scanner and many mobile devices
  • Excellent for inventory tracking in all weather conditions

Applications that just makes sense

When you demand for nothing less than the most durable ID solution, you will get nothing less.

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing & VIN plates
  • Utility Poles
  • Building & Architecture
  • Serial number marking
  • Cable and Hose tags
  • Inventory & Asset control tags
  • Aerospace
  • Maritime
  • Medical ID tags
  • Military ID tags
  • Animal ID tags