Turio™ is an app-based platform for authenticating and reporting ridership statistics in real time, in an intercampus shuttle environment.  Turio™ uses a simple Tap-and-Go verification process to easily grant authorized access in real time seamlessly.  Simplified verification allows passengers to enjoy a fast, easy, convenient experience. Integration of current generation electronic devices allows for reduced line ups, delays, and mistakes. Turio™ is the ideal Inter-Campus Shuttle software application.

turio online reporting analyticsOnline Reporting

Create detailed reports of your passengers and manage their ridership to further improve your shuttle service.

turio tablet card scanner nfc flexibilityApplication

Running on large touchscreen tablets, the Turio™ app can be customized and branded to your organization.  Remote roll out of updates is a major time and money saver.

turio smartphone mobile appHardware

Advanced mobile device management enables remote software updates, real time location services, and constant feedback via Wifi or cell networks.  Any card or fob technology can be integrated.

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