The IDEXPERTS® Difference

When we opened our doors in 1996, we wanted to be different from the competition. We had experience in a range of industries and the level of expertise that not many people in this industry did. Therefore, we decided that we wanted to be more than just another supplier.

For us, business is more than just buying and selling, it's an investment. Our clients invest in us, and we invest in our clients. Our clients invest their time, trust, and (of course) their money. We invest our time, money, and resources to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible product, and the right product. We are constantly looking for new options, testing and researching new products, and always trying to ensure our clients can get the products they need.

A prime example is our quality assurance checks. Anytime a manufacturer makes a new printer, many companies will immediately start selling it, taking the manufacturer's word that it's a good printer. Here at IDEXPERTS, someone else's word isn't enough for us. We refuse to sell a printer unless it passes our Quality Assurance (QA) checks. Regardless of how much the manufacturer swears by their printer, we are not convinced until we see it for ourselves.

Does every printer pass our QAs? Absolutely not. Have we lost sales because our clients have their heart set on a specific printer that we refuse to sell? Yes we have. Do we regret it? Not one bit. We only sell printers that we stand behind, which is why we go above and beyond the manufacturer warranty.

Here at IDEXPERTS, we provide phone and email tech support for free with every system that we sell. Before we send out every printer that we sell, we also test and configure it, to ensure that it is plug-and-play ready, right out of the box. We are also a factory-certified warranty service provider for every printer that we sell. So if your printer breaks down, we can be the ones to fix it! Can't afford to be down right now? We have loaner printers that we can send you until we are done fixing your printer.

Beyond our support options, we are constantly searching out new products and services to make our clients' lives easier. In the beginning, we simply sold card printers and blank cards. Since then, we have moved into the access control and security industry, selling full access control systems, proximity cards, security cameras, biometric devices, and a range of other products and services. 

Another logical step for us was to begin printing custom cards here at our facility for our clients. Maybe owning your own printer doesn't make sense for your organization? Save the money and let us print for you. We have since created our own online CardMaker, so you can create your own cards, and we will print them and ship them to you.

Separate from cards and security, we have our fully scalable transaction management system: Campus E-CARD. We paired up with the team over at Monitor BM to create a modular solution with a range of services. Each service can be used individually or all incorporated into one full-scale system to manage every aspect of your school, from print management to e-commerce, and even to event management.