Thales SafeNet Trusted Access

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SafeNet digital security solutions from Thales are the gold standard for any organization seeking Identity and Data Protection.  Large Enterprise and Government organizations use SafeNet & MobilePASS encryption and tokens to secure data and authenticate users.  SafeNet protects Data, Identity, and Intellectual Property.  MobilePASS OTP apps are an effective way to manage authorizations and access to secure data. MobilePASS is the ideal application for enabling workers to access sensitive and secure information, while protecting it from loss or damage.

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SafeNet Authentication Solution (SAS)™

SAS™ is a cloud based virtual tool that gives you the ability to roll out new services and expand your digital security infrastructure.  SAS™ is a proven solution for multi-factor authentication, encryption and enterprise key management solutions for any cloud environment. Use SAS with MobilePASS OTP for total digital security.

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SmartCards & Tokens

SafeNet smart cards and tokens are extremely secure authenticators, including certificate-based PKI level security.  USB tokens and other authenticators can issue OTP (one time passwords) for digital signing, password management, network logon and combined physical/logical access. Mange tokens and MobilePASS OTP with SAS™.

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SafeNet MobilePASS

MobilePASS One-Time Password (OTP) mobile authentication solution combines the security of 2-factor strong authentication with the convenience of one-time passwords.  The OTP is generated on a personal mobile device or PC, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively expand the range of online services offered to employees, customers, and partners.