Safe Schools - Student Safety

Protect yourself from the unknown

The horrific details coming from recent mass casualty incidents underscore the necessity of Immediate and Effective Response.  Schools, Hospitals and Government Service agencies have become vulnerable targets. Liabilities abound when those responsible for life safety cannot show they have done due diligence in the protection of life, assets and information.

See. Know. Prevent. Respond

The maximum advantage

Class™ - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System

We work with clients to provide effective technology-based solutions that provides staff and first-responders with a comprehensive assessment to gain the maximum advantage as early as possible.

  • complete situational awareness, real time status
  • auto-generated video feeds, pushed to a smartphone
  • facility lockdown
  • two-way communication via radio, text or apps
  • gunshot location detection
  • detailed reporting logs & timeline audit trails
  • automated public address announcements
  • dynamic floor plan maps