Re-Carding Services

Faster. Smarter. Better.

Large organizations are often required to re-issue all new ID cards to all their employee or student populations.  Their existing Photo ID system is adequate for day to day operations and one-off printing, but producing ID Cards for hundreds or thousands at a time will stretch their resources beyond capacity.

Card Office staff can only dedicate so much time to a massive project like this, and usually the equipment is inadequate to handle producing the ID cards on any kind of expedited time table.

Introducing E-CARD Re-CARD Services.

1. Save Money

  • Avoid costly printer maintenance from wear and tear.
  • Protect the longevity of your printer, and your investment.
  • Reduce card wastage during issuance
  • Free up your staff to do other important activities

2. Increase Efficiency

  • More cards can be produced in a shorter period of time.
  • Existing resources can be utilized in other activities


Here's how it works:

  1. You send us your Photo ID card software design, direct from your ID system design files.
  2. You send us the data that we are going to print.  We can provide access to a secure on-site FTP location within Canada.
  3. Proof the design, and the data.  Physical cards can be viewed for approval.
  4. We produce the cards and ship.  We can ship the cards in bulk back to you, or directly to the individual card holders.
  5. Thats it!