Matica Technologies

The Matica Technologies Group has created a broad range of products which include secure card issuance, digital identification, and metal tag embossing. With their main focus on card issuance, they have made their way into a variety of industries, including: financial institutions, education, government, corporate, healthcare, retail, transit, entertainment, and telecommunication. 

XID 8300

Retransfer Card Printers

Matica's line of XID 8300 and XID 8600 create photo quality, over-the-edge cards at a fast speed with reliable function. The XID 8600 is also capable of printing 600 x 600 DPI microtext (most printers are only capable of 300 x 300) for an added level of security. The XID line of card printers have a very high level of security, capable of creating national ID cards and driver's licenses. Available in single- or double-sided, with a range of encoding capabilities. 

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Matica Inline Lamination Units

Card Laminators

Matica's inline lamination units (ILM) add a further level of protection to ID cards. The ILM-LS is capable of fast, single-sided lamination, while the ILM-DS is capable of double-sided lamination. Both are capable of holographic printing, in which the laminators use holographic ribbons to create a two-dimensional image that looks three-dimensional depending on how light is applied to the card. These can be standard or custom holographic images. Not only do they improve the look of the card, but they make the card extremely difficult to forge.

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Matica S5200E

Central Issuance

Matica's line of central issuance cards range from desktop card embossers capable of printing up to 500 cards per hour, to free-standing, scalable card personalization of up to 2,000 cards per hour. With options including embossing, indenting, laser engraving, thermal transfer, and tipping, and with the ability to customize both plastic and metal cards, their central issuance line is perfect for financial, corporate, and government operations of any size.