Kanematsu USA

Kanematsu USA is a subsidiary of Kanematsu Corporation, a Japanese-based corporation that was founded in 1889. Since their beginning, they have greatly diversified their portfolio, including three card printer companies: Swiftpro, Swiftcolor, and NiSCA. 


Swiftpro K60 with L10


Swiftpro released the first thermal transfer (retransfer) printer over 2 decades ago, and continue to create disruptive technologies that solidify themselves as leaders in the retransfer card printing industry. Their K30, K30D, and K60 retransfer printers provide exceptional print quality, and are capable of magnetic stripe encoding (K30D and K60 only), and contact and contactless smart card encoding. They come standard with bend remedy and take advantage of their patented Security Erase function to scramble used ribbon information beyond recognition. They also have a series of laminators that connect to all K-series card printers via infrared communication. These laminators can apply clear or holographic laminates to further increase card security and durability.

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Swiftcolor SCC-4000D


Swiftcolor makes a series of printers, including the SCC-4000D Oversized Credential printer. This printer is perfect for printing oversized ID cards for events such as tradeshows, concerts and music festivals, sporting events and stadium events, parking passes, media credentials, and more. The perfect product for on-demand, instant credential issuance.




NiSCA began producing card printers in 1994, and have been producing high-quality products for corporations, education, and government organizations ever since. They have been leaders in the field throughout their lifespan, creating the following new technologies which are used across the card printing industry to this day:

  • First dual-sided printer, 1994
  • First easily-changeable ribbon cassette, 1994
  • First self-aligning printhead, 1996
  • First modular lamination unit, 1996
  • Smallest dual printing and laminating system, 2000