IDP Corporation

IDP Corporation has been creating state-of-the-art ID card printers since 2005. Their printers are suitable for a wide variety of settings, including education, retail, healthcare, government, and more. Beyond card printing, their printers are capable of magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, and they offer a ribbon shredder to ensure card information is destroyed after printing.



SMART-31 Series

The SMART-31 series of card printers is an entry level, high bang-for-your-buck, card printer, perfect for printing high quality cards at a low budget. There are three versions of the SMART-31: the single-sided SMART-31S, dual-sided SMART-31D, and the direct thermal rewritable method SMART-31R. All of these models offer fast, reliable printing, with magnetic stripe stripe, contact, and contactless encoding. The SMART-31R offers rewritable printing, which allows users to print information onto cards temporarily, then reuse those cards several times.



SMART-51 Series

The SMART-51 Series is the perfect card printer for medium-to-large card printing operations. With its 2-line LCD screen and 2 LED buttons, it is easy to know what the printer needs. The SMART-51 series also has 3 versions for different applications: the single-sided SMART-51S, dual-sided SMART-51D, and dual-sided printing and laminating SMART-51L. Each printer offers high-quality image printing, as well as magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless smart card encoding.


SMART-BIT Shredder

SMART-BIT Shredder

IDP's SMART-BIT shredder is a security accessory that lets users destroy their used ribbons, along with all of the reverse images that show up after the print job. This easy to use shredder has a 4 LED and 3 button interface, can old up to 6 rolls of shredded ribbon, and shreds up to 12 meters of ribbon per minute. This shredder takes advantage of IDP's patented Twisted Micro-Cut Technology to destroy dye-sublimation, resin, and wax ribbons with a width of 60 to 90 mm.