HID Global - Secure Issuance & Access

HID Global is a worldwide trusted supplier of Secure Identity Solutions. Over the past few decades, HID Global has become known for innovative products, solutions and services that help millions of customers around the globe create, manage and use secure identities.

HID global identification access control management cards hid canada hid cards

Cards & Credentials

HID Proximity Cards became the world wide standard many years ago when they popularized the used of proximity credentials to open doors.  Since then, they have released even more secure credentials such as iClass SE, Crescendo, and SEOS.

HID Global now has a mobile credential issuing platform where clients can issue credentials to smartphones, avoiding the cost of Card Printing, and enabling a truly mobile environment.

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ID Software

HID Global offers a variety of software solutions.

Asure ID™ enables users to design and print fantastic looking photo ID cards.

Easy Lobby™ is a powerful enterprise-level Visitor Management solution.

ActivID™ enables users to create and manage secure identities across physical and virtual environments.

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Card Printers

HID Global's Card Printer brand Fargo is one of the leading brands worldwide.  The HDP line-up of card printers was one of the first to use high definition re-transfer technology, and today the HDP8500 continues this tradition of high-quality printed plastic ID cards.

When implemented with Asure ID, iClass SE/SEOS and ActivID solutions, HID Fargo card printers offer an complete end-to-end inline encoding solution.

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