Complicated problems need expert solutions

Why Consulting?

Before you purchase any security solution, you need to make sure that you get the right advice from a credible source. The best solutions come from experts with knowledge that can only come from years of experience.

Much like fingerprints, no two projects are the same. We create custom solutions as unique as your business. At IDEXPERTS, we work closely with our clients to build custom identification systems based on their specific needs. Having the right ID solution in places enables your business to be more efficient.

How IDEXPERTS Does Consulting

We’ve been told our approach to consulting is refreshing and straightforward. We prefer to think of it as what we would want if we were the ones looking for answers. If we were the client, we’d want honest answers from trusted experts who are looking out for our best interest.

So that’s what we do. We ask our clients the right questions to best assess their needs and we listen to their answers. It’s that simple.

In addition to our IDEXPERTS family, we also partner with other respected companies in the industry, so that we can offer the most trusted and tested solutions.

Our Clients: A Case Study from Transport Canada

Of our thousands of clients throughout Canada and the U.S., most found us through word of mouth. We know that means we’re doing something right. Your trust matters to us, and we’ll work tirelessly to earn and keep it.

One project that demonstrates what IDEXPERTS is capable of is Transport Canada. As a government contract, there were significant challenges and policies we addressed to create secure access points at airports for their Aviation Inspectors. A few of them were:

- Outdated ID cards with minimal security features that could be counterfeited

- Cards that didn’t integrate with specialized biometric security measures implemented by the CATSA (Canadian Air transport Security Authority)

- Transport Canada inspectors are located throughout Canada in multiple offices, making obtaining biometric and photographic data difficult

- Each mode of transportation for Transport Canada (road, rail, sea, and air) had its own inspector credentials, some requiring biometric data and others not

      We proposed creating fixed and mobile enrollment stations for their Aviation Inspectors. We equipped both stations with biometric capture equipment, card encoders, and card personalization systems for multi-factor authentication. We then streamlined the communication between Transport Canada’s mobile enrollment station with CATSA’s biometric system. The mobile station operator experience both increased efficiency and reduced training time. The benefits of this project for Transport Canada were:

      - Strict data security: Having both stations use the same security protocols for data transmission that met stringent federal government guidelines for data protection

      - Increased mobility: Creating a CATSA-compatible ID card that securely stored biometric data meant inspectors could now seamlessly move between Canadian airports

      - Considerable cost reduction: TC inspectors no longer had to travel to Ottawa solely to receive a printed ID card

      - Added confidence: TC inspector ID cards became valid, tamper-resistant credentials, held to strict federal and company guidelines

          You can read more about this case study here.

          No matter how large or small the project, we have decades of combined knowledge and experience to create the right innovative security solutions.

          Why IDEXPERTS?

          The right security offers a simple solution to a complicated problem. It takes a company with both experience and expertise to help you navigate identification and security.

          With more than 20 years of experience, we know what questions to ask, what pitfalls to avoid, and what solution will work best for you. We won’t waste your time with cookie-cutter solutions that don’t meet your security needs. Yes, security solutions can be complicated—but we love complicated.

          Whether you’re implementing a whole new ID access system or want some advice on how to improve your current one, we’re here to help. To find out more about what we can do for you or to chat with an ID expert, contact us today.

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