Revelstoke Paparazzi Pass Implementation - Case Study

When Revelstoke Mountain Resort decided to implement Paparazzi Pass, IDEXPERTS was there to turn the idea into a reality with seamless implementation.

Imagine this.... video and images of your resort being distributed on social media, fully funded by the guests who voluntarily share them.

There is no more powerful marketing message in the world than the one delivered by the word of a friend. Welcome to the revenue-generating world of Paparazzi Pass™.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is well known in industry circles. They aleady boast of having the top Chalet experience in the nation, with the most vertical of any resort in North America. They were voted “Funnest Terrain in North America” (Oct 2014). RMR was seeded #1 resort in North America in November 2014.   Each season, they receive meters of fresh powder that guests love.

Steve Bailey, Director of Skier Services and Base Area Operations at RMR, was searching for innovative ways to showcase the resort and all it had to offer. Steve wanted to get the word out in dramatic fashion, and discovered Paparazzi Pass™.

“The system works because of its simplicity” says Mr. Bailey. “Most guests already have a smartphone. By downloading the free app, a user can receive video and stills on their personal device and immediately share it on social media while they are still on the slope enjoying the snow.”

Paparazzi Pass™ uses the latest in bluetooth triangulation technology and hi-def photography to capture images and video of guests in action, without the need for friends or family to be involved in the processes. Think “Ultimate Selfie”.

Les Pilchak, of E-CARD, was extremely pleased with how his team completed the implementation for Revelstoke Mountain Resort. “We went from concept to completion in a matter of months, with the actual installation time on the mountain being finished in a couple of weeks.” Additional technical resources were left at the site to ensure that the opening day for Paparazzi Pass™ went smoothly.

In the future, RMR plans to implement Paparazzi Pass™ at various locations to capture summer activities as well, making this an all-season revenue generating machine.