4 Ways To Improve School Security Using ID Cards

school id card

1. Understand the purpose of your school ID cards
School ID cards can serve many purposes, such as gaining entry to school events, meal plan access, library check out, attendance, copy/print functions, and much more.

But the primary purpose of any school ID should be the accurate IDENTIFICATION of those authorized to have access.

This list can include: 
- Administrators
- Faculty
- Staff
- Students
- Visitors

The goal: to know who is in your buildings or on your campus at all times
The reason: to limit and control the access to your buildings or campus

2. Require IDs to be properly displayed by everyone at all times
If all faculty, staff, and students wear their ID cards when on campus so that the cards are displayed prominently and easily seen by others, it becomes easy to recognize anyone NOT wearing a proper ID, and helps make both teachers and students more aware of who is authorized to be on-premise and who is not. 

The most popular way to display and wear a school ID card is by using a lanyard that hangs around the neck and suspends the ID card about halfway down the torso. Lanyards can be custom-printed with your school colours, logo, and mascot. You may find that many cardholders wear their IDs simply because they want to show their school pride! (Click here to see our lanyard selection)

One way to enhance the buy in of wearing ID cards is to make the card do more than just identify the cardholder. 

3. Identify and issue an ID to all authorized visitors
Parents drop by, contractors arrive, and even substitute teachers come and go. By requiring every visitor to have a prominently displayed ID, you can control the flow of visitors, know who is in your facility, when they arrived, when they departed, and even check court lists to prevent unauthorized access.

Visitors can be given brightly coloured “visitor” lanyards that help them stand out, and make cardholders aware of their identity, even from more than 20 feet away.

4. Define your school ID card policy
A written policy that defines the purpose, use, specifications, and proper display of the school ID card and visitor ID will help create consistency among cardholders and even improve your relations with the public as they notice your commitment to securing your school.

Need help defining best practices, terms and conditions? We can help. Just contact us to speak with one of our IDEXPERTS.