Why you don’t want to buy a Card Printer from Staples.

Why you don’t want to buy a Card Printer from Staples.

It happened again yesterday.  

I spoke with the HR Payroll administrator of a large multi-national firm who was responsible for printing the Employee ID Cards.  As often happens, IT got involved and went with the lowest sticker price, no doubt accommodating their Procurement policies.  The lowest price was available… online… at Staples.  A few days later the tiny Evolis Badgy arrived.

IT spent days trying to get it to work.  The incompatibility with existing systems, and the poor print quality, drove the competent technicians mad.  Eventually, the Badgy was left to rot in a corner by those who bought it.  

Once again, the HR Administrator was needing help, but this time was in contact with IDEXPERTS®.

Within a few minutes, we had correctly diagnosed her requirements, and offered two options. Sometimes its better to outsource than to own.  I could hear the gratefulness in her voice as we discussed a recommended course of action.

Don’t let this scenario play out in your company.  It makes sense to talk with true experts before making an investment in Card Printer.  Decisions by the unqualified turn into bad memories.  

Remember, your company will only buy one Card Printer every 5 years, while we sell and install these Printers every single day.  Experience and Expertise: IDEXPERTS® are worth your trust.

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