What should be on an ID Badge?

What should be on an ID Badge?

There are quite a few things to consider when planning a strategy for your ID Badge. Let’s discuss first the importance of an ID Badge.

Identification (ID) cards are common in the workplace today. Security is on the top of the list for having an ID badge. An organization can control who belongs in your facility and who has access to certain areas.  Another benefit is customer relations, employees carrying an ID badge can be more visible to customers requiring assistance.

Finally an ID badge can be beneficial in regards to marketing. Mission statements, branding (logo design), and corporate messaging can all be expressed in the design of an ID Badge. Ok now we must decide what should be on an ID Badge.

The most obvious thing would be a cardholder name and photograph for authenticity and security.

Next up we will establish what other information needs to go on the card.

Here are some suggestions:

• Organization or company logo (This is quite important as it displays your branding and marketing to the customer)

• Printed signature (for extra security)

• Cardholder title: (ie: Accounting, student, contractor, etc)

• Company address and telephone number

• Cardholder identifying info (height, weight, sex, eye colour, etc)


Now that we’ve discussed some ideas for information to go on your ID card, let’s have a look at other features that your card should have:

• Data Encoding (barcode, magnetic stripes, RFID tags (Radio-frequency identification), smart chips are all used for data storage)

• Enhanced Security (Fingerprint or holographic overlay)

• Single or double-sided printing (depending on the amount of info needed on the card)


Also to be considered in the design of your card are:

• Durability and Quality ( An ID card made from PVC for instance will last a long time and be difficult to copy)

• Orientation (How a card is displayed affects the visibility of the company logo and cardholder info to customers, also the design of the card is important if used for access control (swiping, etc)

• Layout (your card needs to be easily readable and be effective in communicating the necessary information, proper usage of fonts and colour are helpful in achieving this)


In summary an ID Badge is necessary for employee safety and security, while also equally effective in the marketing and branding of a company or organization. A trusted supplier can help you with your needs and budget in designing a card that’s right for your company or organization.

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