What is RTLS?

What is RTLS?

RTLS, or Real Time Location Services, is an incredibly fast-developing industry.  The technology allows you to instantly know where your assets are, in real time.

Examples of RTLS deployments include:

  • Health Care - finding expensive equipment in hospitals reduces employee downtime
  • Warehouse - instantly know the location of your forklifts and hand-lift trucks
  • Office - track and locate laptops which have been left in cabinets
  • Oil & Gas - expensive equipment can be found quickly

Personnel or equipment can be tracked in real time so you always know where your valuable assets are.  The process is quite straightforward:

1. Beacons are attached to the item that you want to track. 

2. The beacon serial number is registered in the software and associated with an asset/item.

3. The beacon communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to nearby receivers.

4. Your smartphone, with the app installed, is the receiver.

5. Your smartphone communicates via BLE with the item to get the correct location, and communicates via Wifi (or cell data) to the cloud to report the location of the item to the main server database.

6. The Cloud-based software enables you to monitor, track and report on all your assets.

7. Visualize your asset's location using "heat maps"


There are two types of Beacons:

  • Single - these beacons are small, last about 1 year on a small battery cell, and communicate up to 70 meters away with a app running on your smartphone.
  • Enterprise - these beacons are larger, about the size of a fire alarm sensor, and last much longer than Single beacons.

Call us today at 1-888-983-2299 and ask for our RTLS experts who can guide you through the process of selecting the correct technology for your application.

We also have RTLS Kits available for pilot projects which enable you to run tests with both Single and Enterprise Beacons, using trial time-expiry access to the cloud-based software. 

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