What are RFID Wristbands used for?

What are RFID Wristbands used for?

RFID Wristbands are useful for a variety of applications:

  • Authorize people to enter an event, like a concert.
  • Double check the identity of a patient before administering medicine.
  • Track the movement of people through a venue.
  • Locate a person within a facility.

RFID Wristbands come in all shapes and sizes.  Some can be printed in a Wristband Printer in order to personalize the wristband for a person, and others can be pre-printed with special designs.  Security can be added to the chip to ensure that only authorized RFID wristbands are used in your specific system.

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RFID Wristbands can be issued in two ways:

  • Manually, by a staff member recording the number and handing it over to the user.
  • Automatically, via a Kiosk that can personalize the Wristband at the time of issue.


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