Visitor Management Resources for Schools

Visitor Management Resources for Schools

Do you know who's in your school?

Visitors are a fact of life. Are you sure all are authorized to be in your school? Some may not be. Individuals prohibited by court order, or violent offenders, should be screened, and in most cases, denied entry.

Blacklists can be compiled and maintained, and should be checked against the identity of each visitor to ensure compliance with all laws. Here are our top picks for some tools that will help you comply, and make your job of properly screening visitors easier, more efficient, and more secure. 

 1. Visitor sign-in booklet 

Provide a simple, but professional, sign-in book, that also doubles as a visitor badge.

Protect your organization’s and your visitors' privacy, as this booklet prevents visitor info from being left out in the open on a sheet to be reviewed by the public. 

Capture the name, arrival time, departure time, and provide an adhesive ID tag that any visitor can wear, and also get a copy of the info to log historical data. Each page is backed by a page that copies what is written, but is protected from the prying eyes of other visitors.


2. Pre-printed visitor ID cards with visitor lanyards

Pre-printed visitor ID cards can be a specific colour or even a larger size to help regular cardholders spot the tag from extreme distances.


3. List of individuals who have been court-ordered to not contact students or staff

With a Basic Visitor Management system, you will need to manually check each visitor’s name and ID against the list.


4. Visitor management software and hardware, the system can do the following:


  1. Digitally record visitor data, track visits, and output reports
  1. Check names against the blacklists
  1. Capture visitor photographs
  1. Capturing visitor data from a driver’s license or government-issued ID card
  1. Print visitor ID tags, badges, or cards


No matter what method or system you choose, make sure you know who is entering your campus, and do what you can to make them easily identifiable.

For more ideas or help designing your best visitor management solution, please contact our IDEXPERTS today.

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