The True Value Of School ID Cards

The True Value Of School ID Cards

Whether your school is a primary, secondary, or post-secondary institution, school and student ID cards are more than just pieces of plastic that cost you money. Here are 4 key things a school ID card program can do for your school.

1. Promote school spirit and unity

Your ID cards don't have to be bland. In fact, they can easily help you promote your school colours, mascot, and teams, while helping foster a greater sense of school pride.

Get creative and print special event dates on the back of each student's card, or print your school's motto so it's clearly seen. You can even promote messaging like anti-bullying for the entire school year on your cards. Add info like the bus number for younger children, or feature special card designs for those on the sports teams, in band, or in other school-related activities. 

2. Cleary identify those authorized to be on-campus or in your buildings

Your school's ID program will make students and staff more aware of who is authorized, and who is not. By wearing an ID card, a student is quickly known to faculty and staff, even in large student populations. By printing a simple barcode on an existing card, you can use the card in various systems to lookup info or track the student's activities. 

School ID cards can also be tied to access control, attendance, and tracking systems to provide valuable data, limit and control access, and confirm the whereabouts of students.

3. Single out visitors 

In a good way, of course. Visitors should be treated as VIPs, and since every student and staff member is wearing an ID card, a visitor will be easy to spot, even if they aren't wearing a visitor ID badge.

With your school ID program in place, you can easily train your students and staff what to do when encountering someone who is not wearing an ID, and foster an environment of awareness.

4. Provide a secure means of cashless payment for products or services

From the library to the cafeteria, from vending to transit, today's cards can do much more than just serve as a photo ID.

Our one-card systems can be scaled up from one to many tasks and systems, and provide you with valuable data, and help you provide more value to your students and staff. 


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