September 2023 Product Spotlight: DASCOM Products!

September 2023 Product Spotlight: DASCOM Products!

Eager to get a brand-new card printing solution system? In preparation for the fall months ahead, many organizations use the month of September to organize their printing solutions ahead of time. If your company needs new, industry-leading printing technologies, look no further than the new DASCOM products now carried exclusively in Canada by IDEXPERTS®.

DASCOM technologies are some of the most competitive printing solutions on the market, with superior build quality, and versatility, all while not breaking the bank at affordable prices. Despite their competitive costs, DASCOM products do not limit their quality, performing just as well as high-performance solutions with expensive price tags.


IDEXPERTS® is pleased to offer two DASCOM printers, and all their consumables: the DC-2300 and the DC-7600!


With the DASCOM DC-2300 card printer, get one of the most in-demand printers that can adapt to any work environment. The DC-2300 direct-to-card printer is lightweight, quick and efficient, with numerous optional encoding modules, such as magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization. Its simple yet effective design makes it one of the most user-friendly printers on the market.

If your company is looking for a state-of-the-art ReTransfer printer, look no further than the DC-7600. A heavy-duty, durable, powerful card printer that guarantees long-term reliable and consistent performance, minimizing maintenance needs and maximizing productivity. The DC-7600 is customizable with different printing and security options, such as RFID ribbons and smart card encoders.

All DASCOM consumables are similarly low-cost, just like their printers. The DASCOM YMCK, YMCKK, YMCKO, and YMCKO-K colour ribbons print the sharpest and most vibrant images onto credentials for their respective printers while offering 500 images per roll. Using the monochrome black ribbon with the DC-2300, DASCOM has one of the best deals on the market. Just one ribbon printing up to 1600 images! 

You cannot forget a cleaning kit to keep your new DASCOM printers working smoothly at peak performance! Featuring five cleaning cards and swabs, thoroughly clean every corner of your printer.

Whatever the occasion, if your organization is interested in upgrading your current printing solution or looking to initiate a credential printing solution to get the best products with industry-leading price tags, DASCOM products are the right fit for you! These technologies are now available to Canadian businesses exclusively through IDEXPERTS®.

For more information, custom quotes or to get a configuration not available online, call us at +1 (888) 983-2299!

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