School Lockdown, Crisis, and Incident Management Resources

School Lockdown, Crisis, and Incident Management Resources

Incident and Crisis Response

How do you direct faculty or staff to a specific room or location?

How do you communicate during evacuation drills to ensure everyone is out?

How do you activate a lockdown and communicate directives?

How do you contact emergency personnel if required?

Can you do each one of these, or all, discreetly, and maintain consistent two-way communication?

School PA systems support only one-way communication, and are certainly not discreet. Do you really want to announce to anyone in earshot that the school is going into lockdown, or that a threat has been identified?

2-way radios are great…for those who have them. Those without a radio cannot communicate quickly or discreetly. Ask yourself this question: if you need to call 911 for an emergency, who is authorized to make that call, how long will it take to make the call, and what risks does your student population face while they wait?

Faculty and administrators need a secure, discreet, and instant way of communicating needs, requests, status updates, questions, and more. Sielox CLASS™ is a Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System designed for schools in the wake of the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting. Using any mobile device or computer, faculty, staff, and administrators can access this powerful communication tool to indicate status, call for aid, or even activate a lockdown and emergency response. 

Admins control user groups, so only those properly trained and authorized have access.

With the push of a button, your faculty can alert you they are safely checked in, missing a student, need help with a disturbance, lock the school down from wherever they are on campus, and more. You can even customize buttons to fit your daily processes.  

Sielox CLASS integrates with various access control systems to automatically lock doors to quickly secure a facility. It can connect to PA systems and other communication systems to push out messages. Connection to video surveillance systems provides a live view for administrators and first responders through the video cameras.

Sielox CLASS can be configured to fit your current systems, grow with future systems, and work with your daily routine.

To learn more about Sielox CLASS, contact us today for a free consultation with your school.

Download the Sielox CLASS info sheet


If your school currently uses 2-way radios today, check out SafeCeiver to help support communication during field trips, drills, lockdowns, and incidents.

Download the SafeCeiver info sheet
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