idProducer - Online CardMaker

idProducer - Online CardMaker

Need cards but don't want to invest in an entire system? We hear you! 

Card printing is a big investment. Especially if you have never had a card printer in the past. To set up a brand new system, you need much more than just the printer and cards. A full card card printing system includes a printer, card design software, ribbons, cleaning supplies, and cards. Beyond the purchase of the printer and supplies, it takes time to learn a new system, maintain the printer, and train new employees on how to use it. As we all know, time is money, so why not save time and money by simply printing the cards without your own printer. 

How does that work?

I'm glad you asked. We can print your cards here on our printers! We have a whole collection of direct-to-card and retransfer printers here at our facility that we use everyday.

We will set you up on our online card design software called idProducer. It is a browser-based card design software that allows you to create custom cards from any device connected to the internet. With no need to download any software, you can design card templates, enrol cardholders, and manage print jobs. Its easy-to-use software allows you to create live links to your personnel data, navigate easily between accounts, sub-accounts, and users, and take advantage of state-of-the-art ID card design tools, such as face cropping, background removal, rendering, and more. The software is constantly being updated to provide you with the newest and greatest ID card design features, and every update is completed automatically and free-of-charge.

Will it actually save me money?

You bet, it will! Rather than spending thousands of dollars on everything that goes into a full printer system, we have a variety of packages that fit your budget, technology, and accessory needs. Each package simply features a subscription fee and a cost per card. That's it! 

The initial subscription fee also includes training on the idProducer system. Once your account is set up, you will be set up with one of our IDEXPERTS on the system. They will show you how to create a card from scratch, make any changes you wish, bring in cardholder information, answer any questions you have, and more. You will leave the training session feeling comfortable and able to create your own cards on our idProducer system.

So I've designed our card template and I'm ready to print... now what?

Just press print! Your print job will immediately enter our printers' queue. Once the cards have been printed, we will pack them up and ship them to you. We are based out of Delta, BC, but we can ship your cards anywhere in Canada! 

Will my organization benefit from this?

Will your organization benefit from saving time and money? Just kidding... but seriously, we think it will.

We have been printing cards for a huge variety of industries for years now. Some of which include:

  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Government IDs
  • School IDs
  • Transit passes
  • Marketing
  • Product resellers
  • Tourism, conferences, and events

Interested in idProducer? Click here to find out more. Or call or email us anytime!

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