November 2023 Product Spotlight: SwiftColor SCC-4000D!

November 2023 Product Spotlight: SwiftColor SCC-4000D!

This month, we're shining our product of the month on the SwiftColor SCC-4000D oversized credential printer! If your organization is looking to get a head start on any high-volume, oversized credential printing solutions, this industry-leading option from SwiftColor may just be the perfect fit.

Need an efficient, high-volume oversized credential printer? Look no further than the SwiftColor SCC-4000D! The SCC-4000D has some of the quickest printing speeds in the industry, with print speeds ranging from 50 to 100 prints per minute, depending on card size. 

This oversized credential printer is optimal for printing oversize badges for trade shows, large events, concerts, festivals, major sports and stadium special events, parking passes, post-secondary educational seminars, and more. For markets that require printing on-demand with high speed and high quality, the SCC-4000D is the perfect printer for you!

Printing oversized credentials is swift and intuitive with the SCC-4000D's easy-to-use layout and data transmission display. The SwiftColor SCC-4000D easily adapts to any organization's needs, printing on business cards, postcards, envelopes, and plastic cards ranging from 30mil to 100mil!

Whatever the purpose, for quick, easy, and reliable oversized credential printing, IDEXPERTS® is proud to offer the SwiftColor SCC-4000D printer as a well-rounded candidate!


Click here to see our SCC-4000D product page!

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