May 2024 Product Spotlight: Genuine Ultraprox Cards!

May 2024 Product Spotlight: Genuine Ultraprox Cards!

May is the month when summer lingers around the corner and for many companies, the month for preparing for a busy time of year to optimize new business opportunities. This May, IDEXPERTS® is thrilled to shine our product spotlight on a product all about access control—Genuine Ultraprox customizable proximity RFID cards!

If you're looking to step up your enterprise's access control, look no further than the Genuine Ultraprox Cards offered by IDEXPERTS®! With numerous customization options, including in-house rapid programming, these versatile cards are tailored to meet your unique access control requirements. Whether for your office, conference, or any access control system, our cards seamlessly integrate with most access control systems, offering unparalleled convenience and security.

Offering Ultraprox cards in blank Thermatek, Fusion, or Thermatek PVC with a HiCo magnetic stripe, IDEXPERTS® variety of card types allow you to pick the card type that best suits your needs and meets your desired price range. With our in-house rapid programming, get the desired security software programmed into your RFID cards. Plus, our cards aren't just secure—they're stylish too! With the option for customers to custom design their cards, you can showcase your brand with printing offered on both sides of the card while enhancing security.

Ready to take your security to the next level? Contact us today to customize your access experience. Call IDEXPERTS® at 1-888-983-2299 to get your custom design and a custom quote!

Click here to see our offered Genuine Ultraprox Cards!

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