July 2022 Product Spotlight: Zebra Pearlescent Colour Ribbon For ZC350

July 2022 Product Spotlight: Zebra Pearlescent Colour Ribbon For ZC350

Introducing IDEXPERTS' newest blog series - monthly product spotlights.

Our newest blog series will feature monthly product spotlights. Every month, we will present a new item that we are excited about. Our very first product spotlight, in July 2022, is Zebra's YMCPKO pearlescent colour ribbon for the ZC350. 

Zebra's YMCPKO pearlescent colour ribbon for the ZC350 is a unique ribbon that is capable of printing in black, full-colour, and with a colour-shifting, pearlescent finish. The pearlescent finish is not just an additional eye-catching feature that makes your card look good (even though it does). It also lets you add security features to your card without needing any additional hardware.

Normally, adding pearlescent security features is expensive. It requires a printer with a laminator or a separate lamination unit, as well as holographic laminates. Generic holographic laminates provide the enhanced security that most organizations are looking for. But if you want to create a custom holographic laminate, they have to be ordered in bulk and are very expensive to set up.

With Zebra's pearlescent ribbon, you can enhance your card's security, add elements that make your card stand out, and add features that are not normally available for printers without laminators. With this pearlescent ribbon, you can print a colour-shifting logo or security mark that is visible to the naked eye. Colour-shifting features can even be applied to variable data such as names and staff or student numbers.

This ribbon can print pearlescent, colour-shifting elements, regular colour and black, and can print up to 200 cards (200 single-sided, 100 double-sided). The pearlescent feature can be turned on and off in the printer's settings, allowing the ribbon to be used as a normal colour ribbon as well. Below are images of the same example card. As the light shifted, the paw prints on the left and flame coming off of the ball on the right become visible.



All of July, Zebra's Pearlescent Colour (YMCPKO) Ribbon for the ZC350 will be on sale on our website! 

Zebra Pearlescent (YMCPKO) Ribbon



Click here to purchase the Zebra Pearlescent Colour Ribbon for ZC350




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