January 2024 Product Spotlight: Matica Metal Plate Embossers!

January 2024 Product Spotlight: Matica Metal Plate Embossers!

Happy New Year on behalf of IDEXPERTS®! With many people looking forward to accomplishing their New Year's resolutions, if expanding your company's security solutions using metal embossing is on your list, let our first product spotlight of the year help kickstart your new year on a strong note! This month, we're shining our spotlight onto the Matica C430 Heavy Duty Metal Plate Embosser and the Matica C330 Compact Metal Plate Embosser.

Metal plate embossers are an amazing asset for any organization or company whether it be for tracking and easy reading barcodes, or to emboss custom text, you can upgrade your products and identification with metal plate embossing! Both of these Matica metal plate embossers are some of the best available on the ID hardware market to date for both heavy-duty or smaller metal plate embossing requirements.

Matica C430 Heavy Duty Metal Plate Embosser

Click here to see the Matica C430 product page!

If you're looking for a classic metal plate embosser, but for more large metal plate embossing requirements, the C430 is the industry leader for a heavy-duty metal plate embosser that functions just as swiftly as its traditional counterparts. 

Engineered for versatility and reliability, the C430 empowers you to effortlessly emboss a diverse range of metal plates, from rugged industrial tags to intricate identification plates. This heavy-duty embosser combines speed and accuracy, ensuring swift production without compromising on quality. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly software partnered with its robust build and advanced features make the embossing process seamless.

If you're looking for a newer, more lightweight embosser for smaller metal plate jobs, the C330 is a newer embosser model offered by Matica. This compact metal plate embosser is formatted for a desktop, perfect for unique metal plate designs and can be situated in any workplace environment. The automatic metal tag embosser is the ideal solution for industrial applications that require lower processing speed or as a backup unit for larger systems. Its compact and modern design is perfect for low to medium printing volumes, with silent embossing technology reducing the sound of the process, all at a very competitive price.

Click here to see the Matica C330 product page!

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