Should I replace my ID Card Printer?

Should I replace my ID Card Printer?

If you use a Card Printer multiple times per week and you get anywhere between 3 to 5 years out it, you are getting good value for your money.

Some users get more lifespan, some of our clients get a little less. There are a couple of internal components that may cause issues as printer age increases.

Here are 3 reasons it may be time to upgrade the ID Card Printer:

1. My Card Printer doesn't work with my PC anymore

Every few years, the manufacturer of your computer operating system will come out with a significant "upgrade".  These upgrades and patches can cause a whole host of issues which frustrate end users who do not have the permissions to install the latest drivers.  Your IT department knows PCs, but may not be aware of peripherals attached to your work station. We field calls all the time from end users frustrated with an inoperable PC, and they swear that "nothing has changed!"  However, we often discover that IT ran some "updates" on the weekend, and now you cannot connect.

Purchasing a newer card printer will reduce the incompatibility issues with a new patch or upgrade for your OS.  We recommend working with your IT and our sales team to determine the best course of action.

2. My Cards are looking terrible now

Over time, the rubber compounds of the internal rollers begins to break down.  This may be visible - you can actually see little cracks forming on the surface of those rollers.  When these rollers become brittle (a process that usually happens within 5 years), they can no longer grip the card tight enough as it passes through and under the printhead.  As a result, the card "slips" a little, and the colour registration is way off.  Your card looks like something out of a 3D movie - without the 3D glass on.

Print ribbons will break as the card and printhead come together and the sharp edge of the plastic rips a tear across the colour film.  Other components may begin to wear out.  If you track the frequency of calls to our tech department, you may be aware of how often you are looking for assistance for the same issue. 

3. I can't get my Card Printer repaired

After a printer is EOL (end of life), most manufacturers will support it for 5 years from the date of the EOL declaration. However, spare parts begin to run low.  There are times we have to salvage parts from the "junk heap" of old printers in order to keep a client running.

Another concern is environmental:  many older card printers (pre-2005) have hazardous materials in the motherboard, and we recommend replacing the printer as soon as possible. If your printer is not ROHs compliant, you will want to start your upgrade process ASAP.

As always, we are here to help.  Let is know what we can do to make your Card Printing experience easier.

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