How do I get a company ID badge?

How do I get a company ID badge?

So your company has decided to implement an Employee Identification Badge system ? These days ID Badges are a must no matter if your company is big, medium sized or small, and there are many reasons for an organization to implement an identification strategy amongst its employees, no matter what kind of business is involved.

Where do you start?

Well there are two options or approaches to this question:  One of them is to print your own cards in-house, the other is to out source your ID card needs.

Let’s have a closer look at the pro’s and con’s of both options.

Option 1: Printing your own cards in-house


  • lower operating costs per card
  • ability to issue card ID’s quickly and on demand (and replace lost or stolen ones) as opposed to ordering then waiting for cards to arrive
  • no vendor or shipping costs to worry about when needing cards printed
  • ease of use, ID card printers are as easy to use as most office printers


  • requires a dedicated member of staff to print cards, maintain system, order supplies etc (added responsibility)
  • entire ID card system needs to be purchased, this includes a card printer, cards, ribbon, card design software, extra supplies (cleaning etc)
  • design and\or security needs and challenges, especially if your ID card program needs to evolve and grow in the future
  • not cost effective if only a small number of cards will be printed

Option 2: Outsourcing your card printing to a vendor:


  • no need to have staff (production, maintenance, card design, training, etc) involved in the processing of ID cards
  • no expensive equipment to purchase and maintain
  • no overhead expenses
  • ease of obtaining a professional design and image
  • ability to update security and design issues in the future


  • higher cost per card
  • turnaround time
  • difficulty in finding a vendor that will print smaller quantities
  • unable to replace a lost or stolen card on demand

In conclusion, there is no good or bad solution, the right option must be chosen based on the needs of the company, ie: it might be more feasible in a smaller company with lower turnover to outsource your card printing and save the hassle and worry, while a big company say with thousands of employees might benefit by printing in-house and having dedicated staff to implement the ID card program and maintain it.

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