How do I build an Employee ID Badge system?

How do I build an Employee ID Badge system?

Congratulations!  You've been tasked with finding equipment and supplies to print Employee ID Badges for your entire company. Overwhelmed?  Never even heard of an Employee ID Badge system before?  Don't worry, you are not alone!

Where do you start?

After you have carefully weighed the options of either 1) getting a company to do the printing for you versus 2) buying your own system, and you've decided that buying a system is the way to go.... there are many options and solutions out there to consider: options for cost, information requirements, security, speed, durability and structure of the card etc.

To help you make the right decision on a system purchase, ask yourself the following question:

  • Does your company logo need to be on the card?
  • How long do you need the card to last?
  • What kind of other info needs to go on the card?
  • Will you require printing on both sides?
  • Will you need a photo on the card?
  • Do you use biometrics for access control to your building?
  • Will you need to issue cards from multiple locations?
  • How many cards will you be needing to print?
  • Colour or Monochrome?

The next step would be to purchase a Photo ID System based on the criteria above.  Yes, its complex, but thats what IDEXPERTS is expert at!

The first thing you will need before purchasing your system is a computer, Once that is in place then you will need the following items to get going:

  • Card Printer
  • Printer ribbon
  • ID card software
  • Camera
  • Backdrops and Tripods
  • Cards

These items can be purchased as a complete system or individually if desired.

Once you receive your system, you will need to install your ID software on your computer and set up your ID printer. The user manual will give you instructions on how to install your software (or IDEXPERTS can do it for you) and create your card template. 

The next step which will also be covered in your user manual will be your printer set-up. The process is very similar to setting up a desk top printer. When your printer and software are ready, then install the ribbon again referring to your user manual. When these three tasks are completed then its time to prepare your cards by adding them to the card hopper.

At this point your software, printer, ribbon, are installed and cards loaded, your next step is to take a photo and add all card-holder information.

The final step is to print your card!

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