Visitor Management Solutions: HID WorkforceID™!

Visitor Management Solutions: HID WorkforceID™!

HID WorkforceID™ Visitor Management

Searching for an industry-leading visitor management solution? Look no further than the HID WorkforceID™ Visitor Management security solution, provided by IDEXPERTS!

Transform your visitor experience with a solution that exceeds your organization's specific security, compliance, and user needs. Organize front desks, eliminate wait times, tighten security, and remove outdated workflows to create a first-class impression. Customize a seamless and automated visitor workflow experience from check-in to check-out, and everything in-between.


  • Pre-registration - Register and invite guests in-advance using a self-serve, web-based portal or through Outlook calendar integration.
  • Email visit invitation - Send visitors custom email notifications with instructions, directions, etc.
  • Flexible workflows - Customize visitor check-in workflows and approvals per location or visitor type.
  • Self-service check-in - Easy check-in experiences at attended and unattended lobbies/entrances.
  • Capture ID and documents - Perfect for fast data entry and verification of visitors' identity. Require health screenings and capture NDA and user-defined data during check-in.
  • Watch list and screening - Internal watchlists support to screen for dangerous or unwelcome guests, and enable security protocols.
  • Credentials issued - Physical access badges, printed ID badges, QR codes.
  • Host notified - Notifications and alerts to notify hosts when visitors check-in, check-out, no-shows, and more, via text message or email.
  • Access control - Native integration with access control systems, providing a combined access control and visitor management solution.
  • Integrate with IT systems - Integrates with systems like Azure ID, OKTA, Outlook, and Google Workspace to reduce IT burden and help simplify the visitation process.
  • Check-out - Tools to facilitate visitor check-out.
  • Reports and metrics - Real-time dashboard shows all visitors on-site or forecasted for future visits. Run automated reports, which can be set up to be distributed as frequently as you want.
  • Native badge designer - design and print professional visitor ID cards and labels.

For more information and to setup your organization's visitor management system using HID WorkforceID™, call us at +1 (888) 983-2299.

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